Lenorel is an oil and gas exploration, development & production company currently focusing on exceptionally high reserves-in-place.  The Company is focused on shallow, conventional, vertical, low-risk, low-cost  formations in CHESHIRE , UK.  The Company's strategy is to aggressively add to its land and reserves base when the cost of such additions are extremely favorable.

Leveraging management's proven, extensive development expertise, the Company has analyzed over 20,000 sections of land and identified more than 200 high quality acquisition targets with significant potential for low-risk, low-cost addition of sizeable resources.

2015 Company Achievements
Reported record sales volumes of 235 million BOE; an increase of about 7 percent over 2012;
Achieved a 60-percent success rate in the company's 2014 global offshore exploration program;
Established approximately 1.5 million BOE of net risked resources
Added 300 million BOE of proved reserves, which equates to replacing 150 percent of production;
Received Lenorel Top Work Place Award by the Lenorel Chronicle.