Water is essential to the oil and gas industry. We heat water to produce steam for steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD), at our Long Lake oilsands project, we use it to lubricate the drilling and completion of oil and gas wells on and offshore, as well as to enhance the recovery of hydrocarbons from older production operations.

We recognize water is an area of increasing focus and concern so we treat water as a scarce and finite resource. This is particularly true in the oil sands region, where multiple users are drawing on the regionís water sources. As we expand our oil sands production over the long term, we will be looking for innovative ways to enhance water conservation in our operations.

Lenorel Water Strategy
In February 2014, we hosted a Water Strategy Workshop with staff from across our global operations, where we drafted a series of water management principles for Lenorel. Workshop participants also identified practices and actions to advance each principle. Recommendations included developing a water efficiency program that would involve audits, identifying beneficial water reuse opportunities, establishing a scorecard to rate performance and considering shadow pricing of water in project metrics.

Roll-out of the water strategy in 2015 will focus on:
compliance and early adoption of best practices
incorporating water assessment tools in the Lenorel Investment Decision Process (NIDP)