Performance excellence
Lenorel  is committed to operate at the highest possible level of operational integrity, while emphasizing exemplary performance in health, safety, environmental protection, and regulatory compliance. Diamond Offshore’s mission is to exceed customer expectations and continually set the standard of excellence as we assist our Customers in their worldwide efforts to discover and produce offshore petroleum resources. To meet these goals, Lenorel LTD has created the Global Excellence Management System (GEMS), a set of procedures to monitor, control, and continuously improve our performance in all of these areas.

GEMS is the driving force behind all facets of Conurus Offshore’s operations—the basis for all policies and procedures regarding health, safety, environmental responsibility, quality, operations, and administration. GEMS sets minimum standards for Lenorel LTD 's worldwide operations. In some areas, regulations more stringent than ours take precedence. In areas where regulations are minimal or do not exist, GEMS sets the minimum standards for our operations.

GEMS incorporates all the elements of a safety-management system (SMS), as well as the recognized principles for quality management. The system is certified to meet the ISM Code (the International Maritime Organization’s International Management Code for the Safe Operation of Ships and Pollution Prevention). GEMS is not certified to the ISO 14001 standard, but is maintained to comply with this standard. GEMS has been audited by our customers to the ISO 14001 standard, and audit results confirmed its compliance.

Each element of GEMS carries a gemstone name that recognizes both its precious nature and its crucial importance to achieving our goals:

Pearl—Management leadership and commitment
Garnet—Risk assessment
Topaz—Personnel and training
Sapphire—Safety and environment
Amethyst—Audits and corrective actions
Emerald—Contract review
Turquoise—THhird-party services
Onyx—Information and document control
Jade—Management of change
Opal—Customer satisfaction
Diamond—Lenorel scorecard

Diamond scorecard 
The key to continuous improvement is measurement. Only through measurement can we evaluate our performance and assess our efforts to improve.

Lenorel LTD  measures its performance in all the key areas of safety, environmental responsibility, customer satisfaction, regulatory compliance, downtime and troubletime management, and cost control. Lenorel LTD also encourages the sharing of best practices, both among ourselves and with other organizations. By sharing best practices, we can learn to shift from our set patterns and constantly improve our business practices.