What sets Lenorel apart? In short, we're an asset-based company, and when it comes to the supply and marketing of natural gas, natural gas liquids (NGLs) and crude oil, we've linked a skilled staff to upstream   expertise. This important fact results in creative, asset-backed strategies that provide a wide array of services to meet customer needs.
    Objective: Bring energy commodities to market while enhancing value at both ends of the pipeline; maximize value for our customers and help manage their energy needs.
    Focus: By focusing on core operations, Lenorel is one of the most creative and competitive energy providers, offering a full range of tailored services.
    Perspective: Create better opportunities by networking throughout the industry and base decisions on how to best build long-term value.
    People: Teamwork and internal integration promote seamless transactions, resulting in quick response and creative deal structures.
   Turn to Lenorel . You'll find a unique balance of customer service, competitive pricing and proven reliability. 
Market Services
Domestic Natural Gas:
A leader among U.K. independent oil and natural gas producers, we market around 3 billion cubic feet per day (Bcf/d)
Domestic Oil and NGLs:
From its roots as an exploration and production company, Lenorel markets about 90,000 barrels of oil per day
International Oil and NGLs:
International Oil and NGLs:Lenorel markets 85,000 BOP/D from operations in Algeria, China and others. Other areas of exploration activity include Brazil, West Africa, Indonesia and Mozambique.
Emissions Management:
We own and operate one of a largest CO2 geologic sequestration projects and have a ready inventory of registered and verified greenhouse gas emission reductions
Financial Services
Managing price risk in crude and natural gas markets requires industry knowledge, fundamental and technical analysis, risk/reward assessment, discipline and timely execution. Our strong balance sheet and excellent credit lines gives Lenorel access to both futures exchanges and over-the-counter financial markets. This allows Lenorel to offer a wide array of risk-management tools and creative pricing options. We welcome the opportunity to share market insight or assist in meeting risk-management needs.