Group Policy on Health, Safety, Security and Environment

Statement of Principle - Our Values and Objectives

Protection of the health and safety of our employees, contractors and the general public and the protection of the environment, are critical to the overall success of the Group. We also recognise the importance of  contributing to the sustainable development of communities in which we work. We promote and encourage open communication and the involvement of employees and contractors in establishing healthy, safe and environmentally sound working practices.

Implementation - Our Expectations

We will endeavour to:

Identify health, safety and environmental hazards arising from our business and security threats to our business and staff;
Assess and manage associated risks, across the full lifecycle of our projects to ensure that risks are as low as reasonably practicable;
Comply as a minimum with legislation and associated codes of practice and endeavour to improve on the performance standards they specify by adopting a risk-based approach to design, construction and operations of facilities;
Implement appropriate health, safety and environment management systems;
Introduce and maintain an active programme to develop security awareness and responsibility among all employees and contractors;
Continually improve our health, safety and environmental performance so that work-related ill health and incidents are reduced and environmental emissions, waste and the use of energy are decreased relative to activity;
Ensure that health, safety and environmental performance is the responsibility of all staff and involve and consult employees and, where appropriate, their representatives;
Provide direction, training and, where appropriate, supervision to enable all staff to meet their responsibility to work safely and with due consideration to health;
Develop and maintain effective contingency plans, where appropriate in conjunction with the authorities and emergency services;
Through the proactive involvement of our management, encourage our contractors and partners to demonstrate the same level of commitment as the Group to continuous improvement in standards of health, safety and environmental performance;
Make available appropriate resources to implement this policy; and
Ensure compliance with this policy through a process of education, review and audit.